Tensors Algebra-Geometry-Applications 2024


Tensors: Algebra-Geometry-Applications (TAGA)

International conference and Short courses on tensors in mathematics, computer science, physics, and data sciences. June 3-7, 2024.

  • May 29-May 31 Colorado State U. Fort Collins, Short Courses.
  • Week June 3-7, 2024: Colorado State U. Rocky Mountain Campus, Conference.


  • Max Zubkov (UC Berkeley)
  • James B. Wilson (Colorado State U.)
  • Sean Willmot (Colorado State U.)
  • Noam von Rotberg (U. Bielefeld)
  • Christopher Voll (U. Bielefeld)
  • Nick Vanniewenhoven (KU Leuven)
  • Neriman Tokcan (University of Massachusetts Boston)
  • Xiaroui Sun (U. Illinois Chicago)
  • Luca Sodomaco (KTH)
  • Pardis Semnani (U. British Columbia)
  • Pascal Schweitzer (TU Darmstadt)
  • Tobias Rossmann (U. Galway)
  • Elina Robeva (U. British Columbia)
  • Tomas Reunbrouck (U. Bielefeld)
  • Alessandro Onetto (U. Trento)
  • Takunari Miyazaki (Trinity College)
  • Amaury Minino (Colorado State U.)
  • Joshua Maglione (U. Galway)
  • Chris Liu (Colorado State U.)
  • Yinan Li (Wuhan)
  • Michael Levet (Charleston)
  • Seungjai Lee (Incheon Korea)
  • J.M. Landsberg (Texas AM)
  • Joe Kileel (UT Austin)
  • Martin Kassabov (Cornell)
  • Anna Guntermann (U. Bielefeld)
  • Edinah Gnang (Johns Hopkins)
  • Cole Gigliotti (U. British Columbia)
  • Austin Conner (Harvard)
  • Chia-Yu Chang (Texas A&M)
  • Angela Carnevale (U. Galway)
  • Lars Bugemannskemper (Bielefeld)
  • Peter Brooksbank (Bucknell)
  • Hirotachi Abo (U. Idaho)


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Week 1 Schedule

A training workshop for interested participants will take place Wednesday May 29 through Friday May 31. An excursion in the local area will be planned for Saturday June 1. The workshop will feature short courses and software training with a focus on the following 6 general topics.

Intro to tensors

An introduction to tensors: notation, vocabulary, basic properties, and the landscape of research.

Lead by Professors Elina Robeva of University of British Columbia & James B. Wilson, Colorado State University

Determinantal varieties and Pfaffians

The algebraic geometry of tensors.

Lead by Professor Christopher Voll, Bielefeld

Adjoints and derivations

The linearization of tensor methods

Lead by Professor Peter A. Brooksbank, Bucknell University

Comparing tensors

Isomorphism problems.

Lead by Professor Joshua Maglione, University of Galway

Combinatorics of tensors

Graph analogs and q-analogs.

Lead by Professor Youming Qiao, University of Technology Sydney

The workshop will be held on the Fort Collins Campus of Colorado State University. We will meet Wednesday in Weber Building Room 106 for coffee and snacks each morning W, Th. Fr. at 9am before the start of each mini course.

Week 2 Schedule CSU Mountain Campus in Pingree Park

The TAGA conference will take place in the Mountain Campus of Colorado State University during the week of June 3-7. We are privileged to have the support of the TRR 358 “Integral Structures in Geometry and Representation Theory” at Bielefeld and Paderborn, Germany. Germany and College of Natural Sciences, Colorado State University. If you indicated your need for support you will be given a registration voucher. Otherwise you will be able to register for the conference on line in a few weeks time, an e-mail will follow with details. The registration cover the entire stay at the CSU Mountain campus include transportation from Fort Collins, room and meals.

Talk Schedule TBD

Things to know:

  • YOUR MUST ARRIVE BY MONDAY MORNING 9AM June 3 to get on the bus to the Mountain Campus. In the rare event that your travel is disrupted please let James.Wilson@ColoState.Edu know and we will work on alternative transport. The Mountain campus has limited parking and it is not an option for most participants to rent your own vehicle and drive there.
  • ALTITUDE SICKNESS The CSU Mountain Campus is located at 9000 feet (2750 meters). At this altitude low-landers may need to plan for a day of adjusting. Usually 24 hours in Fort Collins (5000 feet / 1500 meters) and drinking lots of water is enough. But plan accordingly if you suspect you may be more susceptible than average.
  • REMOTENESS The Mountain Campus is remote, which makes it ideal for mathematics, but you wont be able to walk to the local store. So plan to bring what you need with you before we leave for the mountain.
  • DEPARTURE We will leave together on a coach bus to the Mountain Campus from Fort Collins. There is very limited parking and which will be reserved for visitors who have a specific need. We will be returning by bus on Friday to be Fort Collins by Friday afternoon.
  • BRING SUN PROTECTION AND HIKING GEAR There are ample short walks on the campus and many further hikes some to the nearby summits that look over the Rocky Mountain National Park. By the accounts of many past participants it is beautiful.
  • WILDLIFE The Mountain campus has a population of Moose, Elk, Prong Horn, as well as other Alpine creatures. These are wild and protected animals you will be safe but we do expect you to honor the instructions of the Forest Ranger and all Mountain Campus Staff. (There are no snakes at that altitude.)
  • SMOKING The Mountain Campus is located amongst old growth forests and wild fires have destroyed many surrounding areas. Therefore smoking on the Campus is strictly regulated to designated areas to protect the forest and the campus from a potential for serious damage from fires.


  • Week 1 Takes place on the Fort Collins Campus of the Colorado State University. We have set asside some rooms at the near by (Best Western University Inn](https://www.bestwestern.com/en_US/book/hotel-rooms.06040.html?iata=00171890&ssob=BLBWI0003G&cid=BLBWI0003G:yext:website:06040) which is located 700 meters/yards from the location of talks. Lodging here is at your own expense unless you have applied for support and been granted the stay by the organizers.
  • Week 2 CSU Mountain Campus in Pingree park. This is located remotely. Your registrations covers all transportation to and from the mountain campus as well as your room and meals while at the mountain campus. WE LEAVE AT 9AM June 3 and RETURN 7PM June 7



  • Elina Robeva, U. British Columbia, Mathematics.
  • Christopher Voll, Bielefled University. Mathematics.
  • James B. Wilson, Colorado State U. Dept. Mathematics.

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