Workshop Day 2 TAGA24

Day 2 Thursday May 30

TAGA24 Training Workshop


Time Thursday May 30 Location
8:30 Coffee & Tea Engineering E103
9:00 Determinantal varieties and Pfaffians Lecture 2: Tensors, Pfaffians, and p-adic integrals Engineering E103
10:00 Tensor Isomorphisms Lecture 2: An Isomorphologist's Toolkit Engineering E103
11:00 Tensor CP Decomposition Lecture 2: Algorithms Engineering E103
12:00 Lunch On your own local area
1:30 Tensors and graphs Lecture 2: questions and techniques Engineering E103
2:30 Office hours
Engineering E103
3:30 Linear methods for tensors Lecture 2: Adjoints Engineering E103
4:30 Intro to Tensors Lecture 2: The algebra of tensors Engineering E103

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