About Us

TheTensor.Space is group of researchers making tools to tame tensors. With the right tools tensors and multilinear algebra can be as natural as working with vectors. With TheTensor.Space and all of its derived packages we are dedicated to find the most efficient algorithms, transparent and flexible data structures, and expressive language to smooth out the complexities of multilinear algebra. As a research group we are willing to throw out whats working and build an entirely new approach (but we cache the history so lessons don’t get lost!).
So look for changes, and suggest any you think we should try.

You can find the source code for our projects and a list of ongoing and future plans here and at our GitHub website thetensor-space.github.io


Portions of TheTensor.Space were developed and supported by the following universities and research institutions…

National Security Agency National Science Foundation USA The Colorado State University Kent State University The University of Auckland Bucknell University University Bielefeld Simons Foundation Hausdorff Institute For Mathematics Isaac Newton Institute

We also acknowledge the partial support by the following granting organizations over the years.

  • Portions of the project sponsored by the National Science Foundation (USA)
    • to Peter A. Brooksbank (DMS-1620454)
    • to James B. Wilson (DMS-1620454).
  • Portions of the project sponsored by The Simons Foundation
    • to Peter A. Brooksbank (281435)
    • to James B. Wilson (636189).
  • Portions of the project sponsored by the National Security Agency
    • to Peter A. Brooksbank (Grant Number H98230-11-1-0146),
    • to James B. Wilson (Grant Number H98230-19-1-00).

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Copyrights and Licenses

We do our best to honor copyrights, trademarks, and licenses, and we ask you do the same. This work has been supported by an international mix of researchers, universities, and government grants. So we see everything here has already been paid for by the public. So we distribute our software as open source (under the MIT License) and the content of our post under Creative Commons CC-BY-2016-2020 TheTensor.Space.

Individual contributors can optionally list there work under different terms but we ask that those be kept to your own private repositories to avoid confusion. We reserve the right to remove content contributed which cannot comply with our OpenSource terms.