TACA 2019

TACA 2019

Tensors: Algebra-Computation-Applications (TACA)

International conference and Short courses on tensors in mathematics, computer science, physics, and data sciences. June 3 through June 14, 2019.

  • Week 1: U. Colorado Boulder, Short Courses.
  • Week 2: Colorado State U. Rocky Mountain Campus, Conference.

Important Please see departure and arrival times for bus to and from the CSU Mountain Campus

In week 2: The CSU Mountain Campus has limited parking. Participants should make travel plans to join us on the charter bus which will leave promptly as scheduled below. Failing to do so may result in complications and added costs to the participant.


REGISTRATION NOW OPEN Register here. Please note, if you are recieving support use the Promo-Code supplied in your invitation e-mail.


  • Tensors in physics & quantum mechanics
  • Tensors in data science
  • Tensors in algebra
  • Tensors in computer science


  • Saturday June 8, 2019 For participants of both sides of the program we will be planning some informal excursions you can participate in. All the activities below are at your own risk and responsiblity. We are offering only the timeline details.
    • Hike one of Colorado’s 14ner Weather permitting we plan to hike one of Colorado’s “14ners” (a mountain peak above 14,000 feet above sea level). Of the more than 50 such peaks in the region we will choose one that is appropriate for beginners but still we recommend you participated only if you are fit for such a hike.
    • Rocky Mountain National Park A historic park for all the right reasons. Arrange trips here in small groups. We can suggest good trails. If staying overnight consider lodging in Estes Park. The YMCA has many options located next to the park.


Week 1 – Lodging options in Boulder.

Week 2 – CSU’s Mountain Campus provides all lodging and food. It is a secluded campus without distractions. Registration to week 2 covers transportation to and from the campus, room, and board.


For out of town guests.

We recommend participants fly into Denver International Airport (DEN) which is served by most major airlines.

  • Arrival
    • Attending Week 1 (Boulder) Use bus shuttle service providers GreenRide/Groome (https://groometransportation.com/denver-airport/) to/from either Boulder (Week 1).
    • Travel Between Boulder-Fort Collins A shuttle bus will pick up from Boulder to Fort Collins, continuing to the Mountain Campus on Sunday June 9, 2019. Pickup from Boulder will be at 10 am, June 9, delivering to downtown Fort Collins for brief lunch break. (Suitcases can be left on the bus). Then we continue from Fort Collins (including Fort Collins passengers) at 1:30 pm, June 9, picking up at the downtown Fort Collins Transit Center, and delivering everyone to the CSU Mountain Campus.
    • Joining in Week 2 (Mountain Campus) There is a shuttle bus from Fort Collins departing June 9, 2019 at 1:30 PM Sharp from the Downtown Fort Collins Transit Center. (Downtown Transit Center, 250 N Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80524) HERE
    • Alternative option take train from Denver airport to downtown Denver, follow by public transport to Boulder/Fort Collins. Allow 2 hourss at least.
  • Return
    • Guest of Week 1 only (depart Boulder) If you are staying only for Week 1, you can return to the Denver International Airport by Greenride pickup from your hotel.
    • General Guests (departing in Week 2) We will return from CSU Mountain Campus by 1 pm on Friday June 14, 2019. We will stop at Fort Collins Downtown Transit Center with access to restaurants and MAX bus system to local hotels if you are staying the night. We will then continue to the Colorado State University Transit Center. Airport shuttles to Denver airport can be scheduled for pick up from either drop-off locations, rates may vary.
    • If you are joining us only for the first week, Airport shuttles from Boulder deliver to Denver airport.

For in town guests.

If you are in Fort Collins we invite we have a shuttle Van that will depart from Fort Collins to Boulder and return after each workshop. Please contact James Wilson if you would like to be incluced.

For travel from Boulder to CSU’s Mountain Campus we will have a shuttle bus for participants leaving on Sunday. Please be at the Fort Collins Downtown Transit Center at 1:20 as the bus will depart at 1:30 sharp!


  • Bucknell University
  • Colorado State University
  • U. Colorado
  • NSA Grants Program


  • Peter A. Brooksbank, Bucknell, Dept. Mathematics.
  • Joshua Grochow, U. Colorado, Dept. Computer Science.
  • Alexander Hulpke, Colorado State U. Dept. Mathematics.
  • James B. Wilson, Colorado State U. Dept. Mathematics.

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